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Following on from an embankment slip late December 2019 and a second slip in February 2020, remedial works were required to stabilise the embankment at Cookspond. The works split into two packages, emergency works to immediately stabilise the embankment and planned works to maximise the use of the site mobilisation and prevent future slips in the adjacent area. Sunville Rail were contracted to carry out the works to reinstate the boundary fence at Cookspond Embankment.

Project Overview

After surveying the site and clearing the vegetation the existing 350m fence line was recovered, disposed and the new 350m security fencing installed.

Main works required completing in a 3-week period prior to the 2020 Christmas Break. Challenging weather conditions and limited timescales were overcome and the project achieved on time and within budget. 

As part of the methodology, a full scan of the area was undertaken and an installation plan was created to install the fencing, to ensure the site was secure and safe.

Straining posts were installed at all ends and corners and at least every 69m where the fence was in a straight line. Struts were fitted to all straining posts and gate posts acting as straining posts and line wire was to be installed and tightened to ensure perimeter is secure.

Once the gate posts were set in the gate was installed, hung and secured ensuring it opened properly and the slide latch fitted.

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